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Meat Substitutes & Functional Fibers

Campus VIVA VEG – Vegetarian and Vegan Products

Viva Veg

The VIVA VEG product line has been developed in order to offer customers the following:

  • A good and healthy food
  • A product that is a quality replacement to similar or identical products for consumers
  • A different choice for flexitarian consumers without sacrificing taste
  • A product that can be easily produced in the existing facilities
  • Very high production rate
  • Customizable finished products based on local food consumption habits and desired tastes

Product Range

  • Vegetarian & Vegan Nuggets
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Breaded Patties
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Hot Dog
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Meatballs
  • Vegan Snack Sticks
  • Vegan Cheese and Cheese Spreads
  • Vegetarian Bologna
  • Vegetarian Cooked Ham
  • Vegan & Vegan Burger
  • Customizable Solutions


Vegetarian & Vegan Nuggets
Vegetarian & Vegan Hot Dog
Vegetarian & Vegan Nuggets
Vegetarian & Vegan Meatballs

Industrial Benefits

  • Very quick and simple production process
  • Lower production costs compared to meat products
  • No meat and animal fats to be purchased, stored or processed
  • Suitable for every kind of casing
  • Suitable for every kind of stuffer
  • Resistant to every cooking process
  • Can be easily produced in existing facilities
  • No syneresis into the packaging
  • Resistant to very high cooking temperatures to provide superior shelf-life and microbiological stability without using chemical preservatives
  • Reduced cook losses

Marketing Benefits

  • Great texture and structure like meat based products
  • Good bite and mouthfeel experience
  • Marketing claims such as high fiber, gluten free, soy free, milk free, preservative free, artificial color free, etc.
  • No use of enzymes
  • Can be frozen/thawed without structural damage
  • Nice typical color and resistant to grocery store lighting
  • Possibility to incorporate vegetables, cheese, spices, solid sauces into finished products
  • Good nutritional profile
  • Low in saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Customizable according to local taste profiles
  • Cost comparable to good quality meat products
  • Improved shelf-life compared to standard products

Functional Vegetable Fibers


An innovative fiber manufactured through the co-processing of highly synergistic fibers able to provide excellent functionality in cold and hot conditions.  Ideal for use in ground meat


  • Absorbs up to 15 to 20 times its weight of water
  • Stable to freezing and defrosting
  • Resistant to very low and high pH
  • Able to keep the shape
  • Clean label (no allergens or chemicals added)
  • Replacement of additives, gums, thickeners and also some proteins
  • Stabilization of filling and ingredients for micro-wave cooking
  • Reduces syneresis


  • Fresh sausages
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Meat fillings
  • Coatings (batter and breading)
  • Nuggets and meatballs
  • Reformed meats to be cooked
  • Soups and sauces


A poly-functional combination of soluble and insoluble physically treated vegetable fibers that is suitable for emulsified, fresh and cooked meat products.


  • Absorbs up to 20 times its weight of water
  • High viscosity in cold and hot conditions
  • Reduced usage as a replacement to bamboo or wheat fibers
  • Thermal stability helps reduce losses and improve texture and juiciness
  • Stable to freezing and defrosting
  • When combined with native starches, can function like a modified starch but with a clean label


  • Fresh sausages of every kind
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Meat fillings
  • Coatings (batter and breading)
  • Nuggets and meatballs
  • Reformed meats to be cooked
  • Bologna
  • Dry and wet soups
  • All kinds of sauces
  • Imitation and processed cheese


A micronized vegetable fiber manufactured with innovative physical treatments that is suitable for all types of injected meat products.  An excellent solution to avoid syneresis.


  • Cold water binding and stabilization
  • Injectable with all kinds of equipment and needles
  • Hot coagulation
  • Resistant to heat treatments
  • Resistant to low and high pH
  • Not influenced by high salt concentration
  • Resistant to freezing and defrosting
  • Structure protection in frozen food
  • Very low dosage on the final product
  • Clean label (no allergens or chemicals added)


  • Raw poultry products
  • Cooked hams
  • Injected bacon
  • Reformed hams and other meat products
  • Shoulders



D2 Ingredients is the North American Manufacturer’s Representative for the functional fiber and VIVA VEG products manufactured by Campus.